The LilyPad

LilyPads are high-quality, reusable sanitary pads. They’re more comfortable than normal sanitary pads and by using them you’ll reduce your environmental impact, save money long term and support efforts to alleviate period poverty in rural Kenya.

The pad has a fleece cotton top for comfort and wings which fastens round your underwear. It contains a layer of superabsorbent fibre and a leak proof bottom so you can feel totally secure in your pad. LilyPads are completely made in the UK using all-natural materials, so we know every part of our product is ethically sourced and produced.

Pads come in packs of 8, which is enough for a normal period. After your period, pop your pads in the washing machine and they’ll be as good as new. One pack of pads lasts at least 2 years, so LilyPads will end up costing you only about half what disposables would overall.

Other Benefits

It also reduces your environmental impact dramatically: using a pack of LilyPads is the equivalent of saving 140 disposable pads from landfill. Best of all, buying LilyPads supports our vital work in Kenya to reduce period poverty and stigma.

It’s a pad that’s better for you and better for the world.

You can buy a pack of LilyPads in our online store or in selected shops.

A pad that’s better for you and for the world!

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