Understanding Puberty

Exploring the changes we go through during puberty and challenging the stereotypes 

One in three teenagers are ashamed of their body

(Mental Health foundation, 2019)


How are you supporting your students?

Sign your students up to join us to understand the changes that take place in puberty, evaluate what’s normal and what to do it something isn’t and challenge sterotypes to increase confidence of students. 

Puberty can be a stressful time, where bullying often increases as somes students try to re-esatblish the pecking order as their bodies change and others fear if the changes occuring are normal. 

In this four module program we’ll pack what’s happening during puberty, what changes are normal and what to do if you’re concerned about something, how the menstrual cycle works and what period products are availbale and then it will be tied together by looking at stereotypes that often emerge during puberty and the impact they have.

By completeing the program students will understand how their body and their peers are likely to change. This is inline with Health and Well-being 2-48a of the Scottish curriculum for excellence: I can describe the physical and emotional changes during puberty, understand why they are taking place and the importance of personal hygiene.

The lessons were dynamic, fun and informative.  We were really impressed by the engaging way the Lilypads volunteers delivered information to our pupils – they used lots of props, ice breakers, group activities and were excellent at helping the pupils feel more confident in discussing puberty, periods, period poverty and different products.  Both boys and girls responded well to the lessons and we feel the fact that students rather than teachers were delivering the lessons was a real benefit as it made it more relaxed and informal.  It also made us realise that our pupils’ knowledge can vary widely – eg one girl said she had never seen a tampon and couldn’t understand how it worked.  The fact that she could share this is testament to the open atmosphere created by Lilypads.

Gemma Hay

Principal Teacher of Citizenship, Enterprise and International Education , George Heriot’s School

What’s the format?

The progrma is designed to ensure students understand the changes that take place during puberty. 
It’s currently delivered in four on-line training modules students can work through on their own (a mix of videos, practical exercises and games). Each takes approximately an hour.

To provide a chance to interact with peers there will be an online video session after the four sessions with a member of the Lilypads team. The students will be able to talk through challenges they faces and learn more effectively. 

Each module is available for £4 a student of £14 for all four lessons. 



What changes take place

We cover all the changes that take place during puberty, both the emotional and physical to ensure all students are on the same page

Is this normal?

Addressing the popular concerns around what changes are and aren’t normal with exercises covering; random erections, breast, balls and penis size, hair growth and masturbation


Diving into the menstrual cycle, what periods look like and how period products work


Challenging stereotypes

“She’s moody because she’s on her period”
These lessons examine the comments made to  each other and their implications

What happens after I sign up

At the moment a few details will be asked about you and then wee’ll get in touch about setting up an account, with access codes for your students. We’ll set up a time for the course to begin for your students and how often they should progress to the next lesson.

We’ll be able to track student progress and send you weekly updates on how they are progressing.


Who is this aimed at?

Secondary schools for their S1 pupils

Puberty is a particularly stressful time for students and understanding they have the correct information gives them the best grounding to flourish.