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Ready to jump in? Get our full range of washable period pads: 2 pantiliners, 2-night pads and 4 standard size pads. You get to pick if you want four back-ups, superstar or active pads. (Descriptions are below)

The night pads are so popular they’re out of stock! Not to worry they’ll be back by the 7th of December. For the time being, if you order a full set we’ll dispatch the other pads within 24hours and the night pads when they arrive

You can choose:

  • The Superstar: designed to be worn solo – lasts twice as long as a disposable.
  • The Backup one – to prevent leaks when you are wearing a cup or tampon – lasts 12-hours.
  • The active one – for those of us whose pelvic floor doesn’t always keep the urine in, the same absorbency as an incontinence/period pad
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The types of washable period pads available:

The superstar one: If you only want to wear a pad, we’ve got you too. Super absorbent, comfortable and leaves you feeling fresh. It absorbs 16ml (the same amount as two disposable pads or a cup). The best part is you can’t smell it, hear the rustle or feel any difference from your underwear

The active one: Sometimes, blood isn’t the only thing we leak. For those of us with a too tight or weak pelvic floor, little bits of urine can escape during the day too. This pad is for you. It looks just like our period pad for added discretion, it’s super comfy, and absorbs 16ml. Keeping you and your clothes dry so you can continue being you.

The back-up one: If you’re nervous about your tampon or cup leaking we’ve got you. It’s super discrete, soft and absorbent. You won’t feel it, others won’t see it. It can absorb the same amount as a tampon so can be worn all-day


Free shipping to the UK, £2 shipping to Europe. The pads are posted within 24 hours of ordering, Royal Mail second class

Additional information

Our reusable period pads are thinner, comfier and cheaper than disposables sanitary pads, although initially washing may seem more work we promise the comfort makes up for it. In addition, with each wash (every period) you’re saving the planet from 16 disposable pads!

Our pads are comprised of a moisture-wicking layer keeping you dry, a super absorbent core and a leakproof layer. The top layer of wings lay flat next to your legs, preventing side leaks and improving comfort. The pad is held in place by plastic poppers that clip below your underwear.

The pad is 2mm thin and 20cm long (about the same as your disposable pad).  It can be worn for up to 6 hours for someone with a regular flow, and afterwards popped in the washing machine on a cold wash. It will come out as good as new and last at least 2 years.

All our pads and bags are made in Europe.  No additional charge for shipping within the UK.

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Top: 100% polyester, Core: 100% polyester, Bottom: Laminated Cotton


Soak in a bucket of cold water until ready to wash, if you want. Otherwise, add to the washing machine on cold (below 30 degrees) wash and add your normal detergent (but no fabric softener or bleach). To dry line dry or on top of a radiator, don’t tumble dry – they get upset! No need to iron.

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